NYX Cosmetics

The Curve


Jennifer M.

I really did enjoy this product. Especially since I have just started doing liner on the lid. It was easy to use and easy to hold. The line was very precise. You can do thick or thin lines. The only thing I was upset about was it would dry out after I used it on one eye. I would have to cap it back up, shake it and then use it again. Other than that if you are just starting out and have an unsteady hand like I do, this product is for you!

Valerie M.
Easy to use

Easy to use. Smooth, dark, precise lines. I hated liquid liners until using this product. I like it better than similar eye liner markers. It has a darker pigmentation than Lorac's and I like the shape. Definitely will be buying this again

Emma N.
Absolutely IN LOVE

This really is as easy to use as it claims to be. It took me 5 seconds to line my eyes the very first time I tried it. I actually just bought it because I needed a new liquid eyeliner and I thought The Curve looked fun. I didn't think much of the curvy handle and honestly I didn't think it would make much of a difference compared to standard handles. But boy was I wrong. It really makes a huge difference, the way this liner is designed just makes it sooo extremely easy to use. The liner is also very black and thin, so you can make super precise lines with it. I don't have a single complain about this product. :)

Bold C.

This eye liner is by far the best there is. It is so easy to use and creates the most perfect lines ever..!!! I use it all the time and recommend it for anyone that has issues with creating the perfect lines because it really does the trick. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and would buy it over the other leading brands :)

Sabatini T.
For your perfect cat eye

This pen eyeliner is simply the best. It is pretty cheap (about $20),compared to another high end product which is has the same result.

This pen is very easy to use, I mean all of this time I used brush and gel eyeliner to do my cat eye and never work that well, but this one just WORKS!

Personally, I don't like the shape, it's not like its shouting a $20 thing and just weird in a bad way. It's not that luxury.

But, it WORKS!

It's dries up quickly and who cares about using a cotton bud or concealer because of ur mistakes, because it will not makes u make any mistake.

Laura E.
Innovative & highly pigmented for the winged liner lover!

The popular new NYX Curve eyeliner arrived in the UK last month and so I was happy to snap one up as I heard a positive hype about this product and wondered if it could help me achieve the perfect eyeliner flick. The Liner comes in Jet Black only and is on the back of the box as 'An innovative, ergonomic shape that makes applying liquid liner mistake-proof.'

PACKAGING The Curve comes boxed with information about the product on the box. The actual eyeliner itself is an unusual shape so that you are able to grip and hold the liner with ease. It is described on the box as 'Beauty Meets Function'. It also has a top to prevent the liner from drying out.

TEXTURE The liner feels like you are applying a felt tip to your eye and it even looks like a fine felt tip pen! It feels smooth to use and glides on well.

COVERAGE The curve is so highly pigmented so you can line the eye well in one go with no touch-ups.

APPLICATION The packaging is really informative helping you get the best out of your application and how to hold it correctly. I must admit it took me a couple of go's to master the technique and get comfortable with holding The Curve in this unique way, once I got used to this I found it easy to apply. The tip of the liner is so minute and fine that is helps you create a really precise line and flick to your liner, along with the strong black pigmentation that really made my eyes pop.

LONGEVITY At 11am my eyeliner still looked fresh with no smudging, even after a long workout at the gym. This stayed on all day for me and still looked perfect at 9.30pm at night!

PRICE This is priced at £12.50 on the NYX UK website which is slightly expensive, but I consider it to be a high-end drugstore brand here in the UK and considering this is a unique liner that you wouldn't ordinarily find in the drugstore, it’s worth paying a little extra for something special.

FINAL THOUGHT Overall I love the design and concept of this liner it's a great liner to have in your makeup kit for the cat eye look. I also love how black it is, it really is striking and complimentary to the eye. I am usually a pencil girl and this did take me a while to get used to holding the curve and perfecting my line but I defiantly will be using this felt tip liner more.

As mentioned above this is a little pricey for a drugstore brand and I would probably think £10 would of been a better price, but this is a unique liner for the budding make-up artist or cat liner lover! I award the NYX The Curve a 4 out of 5