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Amber H.
Amazing eyeliners!
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I purchased two colors Esmeralda and Golden Bronze from NYX website. When I first swatched these I was amazed at how easily it glided on my hand (like butter). No tugging or pulling at all! They do give you a little bit of time to smudge the liner out if you want, but once it drys it does not budge. I have pretty watery eyes and both liners lasted all day without migrating or smearing. I am super impressed by these pencils! I only have a sample size UD 24/7 pencil but I would have to say I think these NYX pencils are just as great. For the price I would choose the NYX ones over the UD any day!

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Casey S.
Cheaper alternative to Urban Decay

I have 4 of the colors, and I will eventually buy most of the others, they are awesome! They go on easily with no tugging and once they "dry" they wont smudge. Although if you want to smudge them you can right after application. The color selection is also quite good. If you want Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, but really cant afford them I suggest these. Try them out!

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The B.
Works Great On Waterline!
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I absolutely love my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, so when I heard the buzz about NYX's Slide On Eye Pencils and how comparable they were to Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils I knew I had to pick a few up! Upon first swatching them I instantly fell in love, they have the same creamy consistency as the UD pencils, possibly even a bit creamier (which is a gripe for later on) and they are super pigmented! They come in a wide range of colors just like the UD pencils which makes them very versatile.

After the first day receiving the NYX pencils in the mail, I did not hesitate to use them. I used them on my water line, tight line, and to line my lash line and they did not budge all day.. I was completely in love. And I would have nothing at all bad to say about these super pencils if it weren't for the fact that two of them have already broken (after only having them for two days) and I am finding it impossible to sharpen them with any success. Since they are so creamy, the product wears down almost instantly, and I dread the thought of having to sharpen my favorite in Brown Perfection and be unable to use it. If anyone has any tips on successfully sharpening these pencils, please please let me know!

Overall though, this is a great product for a great value and I will definitely be purchasing again!

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Michele W.
compare to UD

These pencils are great and definitely compared to UD pencils minus the price tag! My eyes tend to water at times and these stay put....the color pay off is great...I have 3 and want to get the rest of the collection!

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DeShelle W.
I have the black one.

DEFINITELY comparable to the Urban Decay slider pencils, But at a cheaper rate. I do recommend this one, Although you might want to get all the colors. I sure am planning on it. LOL

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Alex M.
very nice pencils

these pencils are so easy to use! they are not chalky and do "slide on" if i say so myself. the color pay off is great as well and it does not wear off easily!

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Jani M.
A dupe for UD's 24/7 Liner

I've heard plenty of reviews on these liners, so I decided to just give in to temptation and buy one just to see if I'd actually like it. It's so blendable. The way I see it, liner looks best when blended. I got the shade Golden Olive which is exactly what the name implies. It's a beautiful olive shade with golden flecks in it.

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Marilyn C.
UD Dupe

I love UD but this has all the same benefits for half the price. Of course UD has more color selection but if you want something really really good without breaking your piggy bank, this is it. Smooth, waterproof, smudge proof. Lasts all day, plus is very pigmented. Getting myself more colors pretty soon.

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Audy T.
great waterproof eyeliners

I tried them today. and i am definitely hooked. yes, they are comparable to the UD glide on pencils.....but i honestly think NYX slide on pencils are 100x better.....i need all the colors lol

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Maha H.
my favourite eye pencil so far!

Who would want to waste extra bucks in buying high end eye pencils when these do the job perfectly. Pigmented, glistening, soft & smooth. Whatelse does one want?! highly recommended! xx

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