NYX Cosmetics



Kimberly H.

I have no problems with this sharpener. Its the only one I use right now. I like the covered case, although it comes off easily. I bought it so that I could sharpen my NYX jumbo pencils. It does the job!

Sherry B.

I use this to sharpen my jumbo pencils and my lipliners/eyeliners as for sharpening my UD 24/7 e/l I'd recommend another sharpener this one creates a ridge in them. overall great if you have lots of NYX jump eye/lip pencils

Joanna M.
Good sharpener!

Before I bought this, I had been using a regular old pencil sharpener [ yeah, I know, shame on me ] for all my eyeliners. I got this for free when I bought a bunch of Jumbo Pencils from nyx's website [ some promo deal I didn't know about, I didn't even want the sharpener, really ]. It works great! I tossed the old pencil sharpener and now I use this for everything! ♥ My only complaint would be that the "lead" [pigment] of the pencils gets stuck in there when I sharpen and you gotta work to get it out, and.. well, I'm really lazy.. n___n;;

Sarah S.
low cost, good sharpener

I bought this because it was a few bucks compared to UD's Grindhouse. It is a pretty good little sharpener. It has two size openings which is super nice because it will sharpen the jumbo pencils and regular size pencils. I love that it has a cover on it so my "droppings" are not all over the place. I'd say it is worth it for the price. I personally have no problems with it i.e. ridges.

Amber P.
I should have spent more money.

I bought this cause it was cheap and didn't want to buy the Urban Decay Grindhouse for my eyeliner. It takes a little tug to remove eyeliners after sharpening, and leaves a ridge in the pencil, which then hurts a lot when it ends up in my eye while applying product to my waterline. Sometimes you get what you pay for.