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Pump it up Lip Plumper

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Lizzie G.
It's alright

This product is okay, I didn't see much of a difference but the color payoff is super nice and stays! People are saying there is a "burning sensation" but I dissagree, maybe it's because I seem to enjoy the feeling of them. It feels more cooling to me but hey, that's just me(: overall I really like this! It doesn't give lots of drama but it's a nice natural lift to your lips

Ivy D.

I didn't get the pigment ones because I figured I would just use this on top of my day to day lipsticks... Turns out it doesn't even work. Don't get me wrong, I love the burning feeling to my lips but it barley gives me that, and I don't see any results, boo. I don't recommend this, I'm happy it was cheap not such a waste of money, I guess I can still use it as a gloss, but no I don't recommend this if you want plump lips, however lip injections by two faced is great!

Brigette D.

I really like this particular one. I personally don't think that it hurts at all but everyone is different. I wish it would have a little more pigment to it. it seems like the color you grab doesn't show all the way when you wear it. But over all a great buy for the price.

Melissa P.

Maybe it's because I enjoy pain, but I absolutely love these! I got it in Kim, and it's probably the best color I have ever used. It really did make my lips bigger, and like I said, the color is wonderful.

Joanna M.
Terrible Product.

These BURN. Like, when-you-eat-hot-cheetos-and-the-red-shit-gets-stuck-on-your-lips burn. Terrible product, I used it once and then tossed it. [hey, at least it was cheap!] I wouldn't recommend this to anybody, I don't care how pigmented it is, I'm never using this product again!

Victoria D.

These HURT! I normally like the sensation plumping lip glosses give, but this one is like rubbing flat out chili peppers on your lips. The shades are pretty and long lasting, but they're just painful to tough out!

Lindsay T.

I bought this lip gloss on a whim, in the shade that had the same name as me. It was a gorgeous color, but when I put it on my lips, it started stinging/burning. I felt like the burn didn't go away until the gloss itself came off my lips, which was not a long time. On top of that, I didn't notice any plumping in my lips.

Romee H.
Love the plump effect, but it hurts.

NYX Pump it up Lip Plumper lip gloss is very pigmented and last long time. It really does job of plump the lip but it burns. I used the lip plumper before but it doesn't hurt much as this one. So I usually use lipstick or lip balm first then put little bit of this gloss on top for plump effect.

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Amber H.

I have extremely thin lips so I am a big fan of plumping lip products. I thought I would give these a try since I really like NYX Mega Shine glosses. Once I opened the gloss the smell was pretty strong and not pleasant. I applied the gloss on my lips and instantly my lips were on fire and felt like needles were poking them. I have used my fair share of plumping glosses and usually the slight tingle is okay, but this was more than slight. I tried wiping it off but it still burned. Being such a beauty junkie I had to give this not only one but two more chances. It burned all three times and was unbearable. I also got a slight rash on my lip that lasted about a week. I would NOT recommend this gloss if you have sensitive lips.