NYX Cosmetics

Pen Eye Liner


Jes M.

After trying so many different pen liners, this is my favorite andi have stopped looking. I am able to get the point I want and it's easy to control the pen to give you the line you want. It's also very easy to get close to the lash line with this pen.

DeShelle W.

The pen is so thin, Easy to apply a thin line or even perfecting your wing., First I thought it was going to be a complete miss, But NOW!! I'm using it every day!!

April B.
Way better than the Revlon Felt Tip

I really liked this pen. I'm a bit of an eye pencil snob because my eyes are my favorite thing to work on, on my face. I really liked this one a lot because it is much more pigmented and a deeper black than the other felt tip pen I tried, which was Revlon.

Really great for the money and super black which is awesome.

Note: It does NOT function like a liquid liner where one swipe does it all. You do have to use it like you would a pencil, in a way, with small, clean, strokes.

Danielle B.
Awesome at first, dries WAY too quickly

the first time I used this pen I loved it! super easy to use and gave my perfect cat eyes. but...it dries up so quickly!! I've used it maybe a total of 6 times and by the third time it seemed like I was spending more and more time trying to coat the line to make it even. I'm kind of a make-up snob and I'd rather have wet n wild liquid over this!

Elena L.

Pros: Affordable, easy to use Cons: Not pigmented

Since this is basically a felt-tip pen, it's super easy to use. It's also super cheap. However, it just refuses to show up well at all. I had to use light strokes and patiently go over the lines again and again to get an even coat of colour. Not a good pen liner at all.

Eva B.

I hate it. i really have to press down firmly to get the colour to show up. and since my eyelids are not that 'tight' it stretches a lot. i might use it if i'd want a thick line. but it's terrible for a fine line. I bought it for €7 to use as a quick eyeliner for when i'm in a hurry, but gel liner or liquid is way better and even faster.Normally i love Nyx, but this is way too expensive for this crappy quality.

Chelsea P.

Hate this product and regret actually spending money on it. I do not recommend it. It applies horribly, doesnt cover over eye shadow, dries up after a few days, does not last on your face, smudges way too easily. I noticed it wearing off literally an hour after wearing it. No good at all.

Andrea Marisa S.

I bought 2 of these based on someone else's glowing recommendation.

Hated it the 2nd time I used them. Maybe I had a bad batch, but both dried up super quickly and because it is a pen style as opposed to reloading the tip yourself, the felt tip can get dirty/grunge-y with your eyeshadow.

Total let down for me and for this reason, I have avoid pen style liners all together.... I prefer the L'oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liner, the MAC Superslick and the MUFE Aqua Liquid Liners...