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One Night in Morocco - Matte Smokey Look (S112)

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Alyssa B.
Soft, blend-able, nicely pigmented eyeshadows
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa B.

See my full review and more swatches and photos on my blog. www.izntlifesojuicy.blogspot.com

This NYX One Night in Morocco: A Matte Smoke Look can be found on nyxcosmetics.com and cherryculture.com for around $15. It comes with 8 eyeshadows, 1 nude eyeshadow base, and 4 lip colors.

I know I have been going on a NYX rampage in these last few post, but I'm still on the fence about the brand overall and so I bought a bunch of products during their Black Friday sale. After using this palette twice already, I really love it! The packaging is pretty sturdy, I dropped it in my bathroom (as always) and the drawer still works perfectly. I did have an eyeshadow pan pop out so I will have to super glue it back in. The eye shadows are nicely pigmented, especially with a good primer. But, not all the eyeshadows are actually matte. The lighter shades on the bottom row have a little bit of a shimmer to them, as well as the color on the top row to the far left. I am going to number the colors so I can do a look with them for a future post. Regardless, these shadows were very blend-able, which is important, especially for a smokey eye. They colors are nicely coordinated, and this palette could produce a wide variety of different looks. As with all of the NYX palettes I have tried so far, the shadows have a ridiculous amount of fall out. Especially when using the darker colors, it is important to be really gentle and dainty when putting shadow on your brush. The eyeshadow based I'm not too impressed with, but I did try it the first time I used the palette and the eyeshadows look nice on top of the base. It just didn't last long enough for me. The lip colors are ok, they are on the sheerer side. I do like they shades they provided, but again like with the other palettes I have tried, the lip colors are a little drying and do not last long. I think two blush pans would have been much better. I think if NYX decided to include blushes instead of lip colors in their palettes, they would be much more appealing. Overall, this is a great palette if you are looking to add darker colors to your collection. In my opinion, I think palettes make great gifts, and the price of this palette makes it an easy gift to give!