NYX Cosmetics

Liquid Foundation


Astrid F.
very light in my skin...and very easy to blend...

this product very light and suitable for asian skin like mine, its quite easy actually to blend in my skin and to my client skin. its a lil bit oily but its ok, can mix with the right powder..

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DeShelle W.
erm. its okay.

It definitely leaves your face a little oily, Oxidizes through out the day. But it is easy to blend and is full coverage.

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Cassandra W.
Ok for Price

It is nothing too special but as a fall back i have used it in a bind. It is a little difficult to blend and i tend to mix it with the contour to get the right shade...i don't think i would buy it again though.

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Anna L.

MISS! Product is oily, it's difficult to blend, has little coverage, very sheer, and it feels heavy and sticky and I feel like it kind of melts off the skin (even with a set powder) It's only $20ish but not worth it!

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Vannie L.
D - ( opinion from someone with oily sensitive skin)

I ordered this more then a year ago. When I squirt some out on my hand I noticed a citrus scent. Not a good thing when it comes to sensitive skin. I decided to put on as a precaution. The foundation is hard to blend. I used a foundation brush, hands, sponge (wet and dry), didnt matter.

So darn chalky. I have oily akin. Sometimes it's best to buff it in. That didn't work. Plus even with a primer, my skin went totally nuts.

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Maria Y.

I really love this during winter time, when my skin tends to get lighter. And i love how it is very easy to blend with your skin, to get the perfect finish. Beside that i love the fact that this foundation can stay on for an entire day, without making my face make up seem messy.