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Liquid Crystal Liner


Angel V.

This liquid glitter eyeliner falls comfortably between elf's holographic liquid liner and urban decay's glitter liners in terms of quality. I find that when it touches the inner corner of my upper lid, my eyes turn to leaky faucets almost immediately. It also tends to have a gunky, flaky type of consistency. It doesn't fade, it peels off in odd quantities. That aside, it's a very pigmented, ultra-packed stroke of glitter, and if you're willing to sacrifice longevity for beauty, I say go for it.

Yenifer R.
thick, perfect texture, precise
Photo of product included with review by Yenifer R.

It is so hard to find a good glitter liner since most are of bad quality however this liner was so pigmented, it came on with prevision thanks to the brush and goes with any look

Marie F.
Great for that added Sparkle

I use this product all the time for an extra sparkle to colorful looks. The liner drys fast and does not smudge at all. Also, this liner does not start to look caked on layered on when you apply more than two coats, the liner goes on smooth but the shine builds as you apply. This is a great product !!

Tommi R.

I love this product! It lasts all day and it adds a little something to every eye look. I repurchased this about 5 times and I still plan on repurchasing it when I run out again. I use the black one so I can wear it on an everyday basis without it being to over the top. I completely recommend this product.

Nateeya G.
Adds a great pop of color...

I freaking love these things. I find myself reaching for them every time I do my makeup for a night out. The only thing is that it flakes up after a while...maybe I should use primer beforehand tho.

Mary Anne M.
Gorgeous Pay-Off, but Caused Eyelid Irritation

I bought several of these liners in Crystal Onyx, Crystal Pink, Crystal Aqua, and Crystal Jade when I was at IMATS last summer because I loved the amount of glitter in their gel base. However when I was testing them at IMATS I tested them on my hand, and now I wished I had at least tested it on my lids and not purchased them after all.

My favorite thing about these liners is that the color pay off is wonderful for a glitter liner and their colors are beautiful; my favorite was Jade. I tried Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy a few months ago, and would totally recommend NYX over Urban Decay for the better application and overall look! You really don't even have to layer these on to intensify the look; one line delivers a pretty glittery streak instead of just a few flecks.

There was one problem with these liners that I didn't experience until after I had bought them and actually wore them on my lids. I don't think I have sensitive skin but it may just be my eyelids that are sensitive, though I have also read other reviews and stories about the same experience I had. When I would layer a line of this product over my solid eyeliner color, I would feel a burning, stinging sensation on my eyelids for a few seconds after applying it. I'm not sure if there might be an ingredient in this liner that may cause skin irritation... The application for me was painful enough for me to end up crying my eyeliner off anyway, so I ultimately had to give up using these, which is a shame because they're gorgeous. Definitely test your makeup if you're allowed to, so you don't end up with burning eyelids!

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Rosy S.
Glitter Glam Eyes

I have the gold color & its amazing !!! these are perfect for a night out in town or simply just add sparkle to the eyes on a sunny day. Its super duper easy to use, and the end result is sparkles :)

Jacquelyn J.

I bought 4 of these yesterday at Ulta and they are awesome!! These are fun to experiment with dramatic or subtle looks. If you love glitter liners, do get these! Also, they are a little more opaque than the Candy Glitter Liners.

Amanda W.
Pretty Good

If you're new to glitter eyeliners, these are some really great, cheap ones to try. They have a tinted base, so it's not just clear base with colored glitter, which really makes the appearance of these much smoother/cleaner, even when the glitter isn't quite distributed evenly, which is the norm with glitter liners.

A great glitterliner, esp. for under the bottom lash line :)

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Kimberly H.

These are really fun to play with, and work with subtle or dramatic looks. Yes, they take a few minutes to dry so keep that in mind. If you want a more opaque line, you have to go over it a second time, which is good because you have control over how far you want to take it. Very much worth the price. I'd like to get some more of these.