NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lacquer Pot


Kristina C.

These Lacquers are quite nice, quality is great for the price and the colours are very nice. They do go on a little sticky, but that is how I wear my lip colours. They work quite well on their own, but look really good over lip stick. I love the container this product is in and I love the size. I intend to use these a lot!

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Natalie L.

I was very surpsrised with the texture and quality when i purshased NYX lip lacquer pot in Rainbow. It was much more pigmented than i expected but a very good thing indeed. i really like the feel of it on my lips, it is creamy yet not sticky. i find it great as a base on the lips for moisture and then to add a lipstick over the top for a stronger burst of colour. I love nude lips so something that moisturizers and has a strong pigment is perfect. I use this pretty much everyday and i can't wait to try out other colours. The price is really great too, and a little goes a long way! i purchased it online from www.crushcosmetics.com

DeShelle W.

These colors are not so pigmented but they work! They last a while not very long, But I love it, It's time for me to get a new one! LOL

DeShelle W.
nudey nude nude!!! lol

This color is a tad nude. Perfect over of course a nude lipstick ,to add a sheer color to you lips or over your favorite lip ! Definitely pick this up!!! Just don't add too much, Apply it like a gloss. lol IF that makes sense! LOL

Althea N.
Good for the price

This color was pretty pigmented considering my lips have a lot of color of their own. If you apply with a lip brush you get much better color payoff. I would use a lip primer to REALLY get that color to pop, but I could definitely see the coraly-orange shade on my lips without any primer!

They are a tad bit sticky, but nowhere near MAC lipglass. I tend to lean towards lipglossy lipsticks, and this is great to me!

Katy B.

I purchased this product in 'Georgia Peach' & was highly disappointed blotchy coverage & horribly sticky! I most definitely would not recommend this product to anyone. I cannot imagine how thick of a layer you would have to apply to make this product look opaque. Miss!