NYX Cosmetics

Girl Polish


Angelica W.

I have a ton of these. I started off with pink truffle which i ordered online. Last year while at my local beauty supply store i spotted these for .99 cent! I had to get every single shade. I feel for the amount of product you get and the price its very reasonable. I love NYX!

Ish K.

I totally adore them. The colours are so bright and the texture is awesome. It dries really quick, which is pretty good. I'm obsessed with them, I have to say :D.

Latia C.

I love these polishes, especially for the fall. My favorites have to be Woman. Moonwalk, and Dancefloor. Very pretty colors. I need to buy more to extend my collection. I encourage everyone to try at least one polish. In my opinion, you won't regret it.

Brittany B.
Flashy !

So I'm obsessed with nail polishes now & I saw this color and another one and bought them. I tell you I have never got so many comments on a nail color in MY LIFE ! I would advise you to get this color and it's pretty & just AMAZING !

Liz M.
Range of colors + price = awesome value
Photo of product included with review by Liz M.

Because I can get these for a little under 2$ I have about 15+ or them stashed in my drawer, of course the majority of the colors are pale pinks but I do have a few other colors too. For example Fig, I used it as my base color for the Midnight Metallic Nail look that I found here on Beautylish, now my nails are ready for NYE, CHEERS!!!!

Ariela M.

I really like them. The colors are so cute and you can wear them everyday. I have a lot of these and I totally recomend them. the price is very convenient too

Liz M.

Love, love, love the color The Taupe. I think it's a perfect color for fall/autumn. Definitely easy on the wallet. Only thing is it may chip faster then pricier brands, but I'm not going to complain about that. I have about 15+ polishes and tend to get bored with the color of my nails, so when I can I try to change my color up every week!