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Faux Lashes

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Janie S.
Great mascara

I picked this up at Meijer's and really like this. the formulation is good and I like the skinny brush even though I thought I'd hate it. The drying time is minimal and it stays on all day.

Alli Rose G.

I bought this on sale, for about 5 bucks. I love NYX products, so I thought this would be good. The claim "Faux Lashes" is completely miss leading. First of all, the brush is easy to apply with, but gobs of the product get on the end of the brush. This isn't a very black mascara. It gives slight volume. It starts flaking off within a couple hours of wear and looses what pigmentation it has. I'm just glad I got this on sale. I threw it away because there was no way I'd wear this again.