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Jes T.

I bought these for prom since they were called "prom queen" he he :) The lashes alone are great. But the glue sucks. It dries out your lashes and is SO hard to come off. I used glue I bought from sephora instead.

Sunshine Girl  U.

I got the 111 lashes for a birthday party where I was cosplaying a disney princess. They are GREAT! Not only are they easy on your piggy bank; but they stay on well and don't feel annoying to wear!

The only thing i suggest is putting a little extra glue on the ends to hold them down a bit more. :)

Nadia N.

I love these lashes and the price is right! I always though discard the glue it comes with since that glue sucks. These lashes on my eyes look pretty natural my fave is probably 115 or 111 on my eyes gives a sexy cat eye.

Jenna G.
hard to manage sometimes

i have a bunch of different eyelashes from NYX and they are okay but sometimes it takes a while to get them flimsy enough to go on easily, and i do not like the glue that comes with them much.

Tanna L.

Ok I love the lashes they are all so beautiful. I got me the 103 lashes and I love wearing them. What I dont like is the lash glue. I didnt take long for my lashes to dry up and stop working.

Althea N.
Go-to Lashes

These are the lashes I wear ALL the time! I buy a million of them. I've tried tons of lashes from NYX, but these are my "clutch" set. Great quality, perfect length, and I can wear them without anyone realizing I have them on! Love these babies!

Christina L.
Lash Band

Good lashes. The band can to me be a little thick and difficult to manage, but works out in the end. I love the variety in them lashes though! Great to jazz up ANY look! :)

Ashley G.

i love the lashes themselves, but the glue it comes with is the worst thing i've ever tried, make sure if you buy some of these lashes buy a different lash glue like DUO