NYX Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Palette


Gabriela M.

I bought this pallet at TjMax and I don't have any problems with the pallet. All of the colors are thrilling. There are many different shades of any color and it comes with 16 mini eye shadow tools. My favorite shades are pink and red.

Lynette L.
Great for those strapped for cash

I bought this kit on Amazon.com after looking around and reading reviews of NYX's shadows and makeup quality. The little pots are about the size of a dime, but they're so pigmented, there isn't much need to load the brush so you get your money's worth. (20 USD plus shipping.) In the middle are large square pots of commonly used colors like gold, white, black and brown. The golds are my particular favorite, as they are not just slight variations of the same color. One is a more rose gold, while the other is a almost bronzer like gold. I suppose you could use it as a bronzer if you wanted to. The half star I took away was because the "face" colors that they say can be used as blush are really just tiny garish variations of red and pink glittery shadows that I have yet to use. It might be useful to someone who really likes pink and red shadows but I'm not that daring I guess. For such a low price the amount of looks you can achieve is amazing, and the quality is very good, and I can't stress that enough. I recommend this to anyone who likes a variety of looks and doesn't want to break the bank.

Georgia Y.
I'm in Love!

I can honestly find no faults with this palette! The colours are very well pigmented, SO bright and beautiful it's insane! I wanted to try some NYX eyeshadows out but couldn't decided which so this helped me! I got them all! Haha Sure the pans might be a little smaller than say Macs, but I quite like it. It's still going to last me forever and I can find the colours I really like and order some bigger ones :) I picked mine up from TK Maxx for £15! Bargain? I think so...

Joanne Mariel C.
I love it!

This is a great palette when you're just starting out your makeup collection and you want a variety of colors in one palette. I've had this palette for more than a year now and my favorite are the warm, neutral shadows and the purples. You can go from neutral everyday looks to a fun and exciting makeup look the next with all these great colors! All shadows are very pigmented, soft and blendable.

Roxanne R.
Love this palette!

I order this palette along time ago and I use it all the time the colors r awesome! Very pigmented! I love the versatile colors because one day you can do nudes or browns then the next you can do bright colors!


I love NYX but this specific product is so convenient for not having to take individual colors and it helps with space. When I'm going on a flight, it's a must have in my carryon and It even fits into most purses I choose to carry. As you know, it comes in 78 vibrant colors that can be worn with everyday looks!!!!