NYX Cosmetics

Eyebrow Shaper


Lauren H.

It definately holds those unruly eyebrow hairs in in their place and helps add that perfect looking shape to your eyebrows. I use it weather I put make-up on or not because either way I like my eyebrows to look somewhat nice. Usually if I don't use this they do whatever. This really helps control every hair and it's a descent price than other shapers out there.

Sherri S.

I use this everyday and I love it. Can't live my house without it, one swipe and my spooly and I'm done. It holds my brows in place all day long and I think it's similar to the wax that is in the NYX brow kits.

Kimberly H.

I haven't used this lately, because I find it makes my eyebrows look thinner (I like the thick look). But if you want to shape your brows in a way they just won't stay, this is a great product. Don't go overboard with it, just one or two swipes will do. It will look waxy if you put on too much, and powders and other things will stick to your brows and it will show.

Dezzi C.
Does what it says

I only use this product when my eyebrows have a mind of their own (normally when I sleep on them oddly). I don't find that it blew me away, but it does keep my eyebrows pretty shaped. Only thing I don't like, when you apply it, it flattens your eyebrows and when I comb them with my eyebrow brush, the product clumps on the bristles as well as comes off my eyebrows a bit. I have to use a separate eyebrow brush when using this product, or else I end up with wax build up next time I use it. Other than that, it does what it says it does.

Anna W.
It's wax.

This pencil is colorless, soft wax. It holds hairs in place incredibly well, and all day. Because it's wax, it is resistant to water. If you just want your combed brows to stay in place, this is a great product.

It's not a miracle product, or particularly innovative, and there are other wax pencils on the market that are fundamentally similar, with lower pricetags.