NYX Cosmetics

Concealer Wand


Carsam R.
Holy Grail Status

Let me just say, I LOVE THIS!! I can use this as foundation, under eye concealer, covering blemishes, and highlighting my face. Will forever repurchase. It is only $5, which is awesome for how good it is!! Would recommend to anybody who wants a high quality, good coverage concealer.

Rio O.
best concealer ive tried great price

So for $5.50 u get a really good amount of product! Its creamy and not to thick..gives u good concealement with blemishes brighten under the eyes without caking on and it looks natural!

Nicole B.
Good but not GREAT!

I purchased this product about a month ago, I have to say that it has really good coverage and it looks very natural looking on the skin which is a must for me because I was using it to cover up my dark circles under my eyes. This product was almost perfect for me! The only negative thing I have to say would be the packaging, all of the writing on mine rubbed off within the first week and then the twist off part broke into two pieces (I didn't drop it or anything) so it's gotten to the point where it's a bit of a hassle to use it but overall it's worth it because it's the product that counts & also affordable!! I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada for $8.99!

Casey M.

I use this product for highlighting and contouring. I use a very light shade and a shade a bit darker than my tone. It's perfect for what I use it for.

Stacey C.
Long lasting and oil free!

I wanted a good concealer which would of course hide my imperfections. I gave this product a try. I was very impressed with the quality of the product. Its blend-able, long lasting and does not crease. The tan shade is perfect for my skin color. It camouflages well. Doesn't feel dry or cakey and it is lightweight. Little goes a long way. Very affordable as well. Will I buy this product again? Definite Yes!

Chrissy S.
Favorite Undereye Concealer!

I use this everyday and I never have to apply it over again when I have PE. If you dust a face powder over it, it stays for a very long time! It has perfect coverage (not pancake makeup, and it's not a product that's not worth your time) and makes it look like I've had a good night's rest.

Angela P.
Works great and the price is right!

I love this concealer so much! It does the job and, if you apply it correctly, it can last all day. I was concerned because I have oily skin and concealers tend to cake up and crease under my eyes, but this was great. I did, however, use this application process for application (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYQvgenSkGI). After I applied foundation and a matte finishing powder after and was really happy with the look and length it stayed on.

angel s.

This was my favorite concealer for quite some time, the formula is smooth and has a fair amount of coverage. I liked the shade and the outcome well enough to begin to use it as a light foundation on days where my skin would allow it. However, there are much better concealers on the market, even if they are a tad bit pricier.

Lilly A.
4 out of 5

When I first purchased this product at Ulta I was excited to try out my first Concealer. When I put it on the next day I noticed the darkest shade was to light for me. It did a great job of covering and with a little loose powder from Almay was to go. I was perfect for my under eye circles but if I put it anywhere else it would be very to blend. I would just war, it up with my finger for the solution. I would recommend this product to people who don't mind having to do what I did.

Eline F.

I purchased the color light, which suits me perfectly, I have a light skintone but not the lightest one around. The concealer has a good coverage, not a 100% full coverage but I don't need that. If you need an average amount of covering this will do fine. It also blends well and lasts quite long.