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Brow Grow Serum

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Diana M.
Must have!

It's a bit expensive but I will say it's definitely worth it. My sister tweezed my brows when I was young so they pretty much never grew back. So I always had thin eye brows. So a friend recommended this product. I would put it on every morning and night for about 2 weeks, and my eye brows grew back. It was amazing. I have light brows so it doesn't make it darker, but your hair will grow back. You might have to suffer and not tweeze them, but it's all worth it when they actually grow out.

Rachel G.

It's ridiculous how this was $25. I put it on my eyebrows overnight and it had gone all over my face, causing my eyelids to get extremely red and irritated. I only put it on overnight because that is what it said on the directions. I'd rather just wait and let my eyebrows grow out than use this again and waste money.

ashley h.
pretty awesome

i overwaxed & overplucked in my teens & i've had tiny eyebrows ever since. i bought this during a nyx sale on a whim & i'm so glad i did. i've noticed major growth in my eyebrows over the past 6 months or so of using it (i just started a second tube about a month ago maybe). there are parts where my eyebrows arn't growing back...& i don't think i was focusing on those areas a lot (above my brow bone). but i also realize they might never grow back on those parts!

but i definitely DO notice a major improvement in my brows! i don't know if i would pay $25 for this, but i would purchase it during a super good sale!

it's wand style, which isn't sanitary...but there's not much you can do about that. i notice after a few uses, product gathers up between the bottle & cap, which is easily removed by running under hot water. the product applies clear & dries quickly though!

i only use this at night on a clean face, letting it dry & careful not to get moisturizer around the area.

Angie R.
Decent product, but not worth the money!

After trying the Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel, I decided to give the NYX Brow Grow Serum when it became on sale for $14.99 (retails for $25.00). $25 is too much for me to spend on a brow serum, but I was willing to it when Ulta had NYX 40 percent off a while back, plus I had a $5 off of $10 purchase.

Some positive things about the product is that it will go on clear and dry really quickly. I'd say it takes a good 5 minutes to try. I have sensitive skin and the product doesn't irritate or make my skin itch at all.

This product claims that it will take your uneven or over plucked brows and grow in more fuller brows. I did start noticing a difference after about two weeks, but than nothing would really happen. By no means do my brows look fuller.

I'm not fully impressed with the product and I don't know if I would purchase it again at the sale price. There is no way I would pay $25 for this item.