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Victoria D.

I don't really have oily skin, but I decided to pick up some blotting sheets just for my rouge skin days. Ever since I started using these, I can't stop! I'm always surprised at how much oil it draws from my skin, even though I typically have dry skin! Since I'm mostly dry, I only need to use them once or twice a day. But they don't mess up my makeup or smudge anything, and they don't leave a powdery residue or anything like that. They're super cheap, and totally worth it! Going to be buying NYX blotting sheets for life!

Metta X.

I normally don't have oily skin, but I mainly bought these because I thought they were an interesting product. When I do makeup on other people with oily skin though, I pull these out and they do the job! They pick up ALL of the oily and I'm surprised to see how much oil it picks up!! Definitely worth the buy since they are inexpensive. Love giving these to those whom I do makeup on that has oily skin and gets oily during the day as a gift so they can blot their oil away!

DeShelle W.

Now, I don't have oily skin, But my T-Zones are oily, I MUST carry this around throughout the day. and YOU TOOO!! The sheets are thin of course, But I definitely recommend this. If you try this out let me know.

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Danielle V.
Really good!

I don't have ridiculously oily skin, but the days when I get some oil around my nose and T-Zone, they take right care of it! I don't wear foundation or powder, but these have a thin bit of powder over them, and they work well for the price!