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Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder


Tessandra R.

I Adore this bronzing powder! I use it as a sort of contouring makeup :) Its absolutely incredible! It makes my skin look radiant and glowing! Extremely happy and I definitely recommend this! :)

Petra F.

I love this bronzer. I've been using this for awhile now and i love it. It gives me a great glow that i love all year round. its not harsh and i love that its build-able. it blends seemlessly with my own skin tone. i def recommend.

Sofia M.
this is my favorite bronzer

i bought this bronzer maybe a month ago, and i already love it! the colour comes on strong but not too harsh, and its a nice matte, the highlighter end of it is nicely and it just has an allover natural glow.

Sydney C.

I have been using this for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I love this product! The bronzer has a bit of a shimmer giving a nice summery glow and the highlight isn't like anything I've ever seen its golden so it gives a soft glow to the cheeks without being to overwhelming. Also I would like to add that the highlight is more of a satin finish unlike most highlighters which is really nice for a change.

Hannah M.
Really Nice!

I just got this bronzer (even though it's summer i'm still a little pale.) The pigmentation is great and I love how there are two colors, one for really bronzing and the other for highlighting. Sometimes I'll use just the high lighter over the rest of my makeup for a light glow!

Ashlee G.
Great for beginners (:

I am brand new to bronzer and I have found this very easy to work with (: I make the fishy face and apply the bronzer and then apply the hi-light color. It gives me a nice glow and makes my skin look really clear!

Ariana C.
Nice Glow!

I use this like the Benefit 10 boxed powder! You just swipe your brush once in the middle, then make sure that the highlighter is on top. It gives an amazing natural glow!