NYC New York Color

Skin Matching Foundation


Kameron T.
I like it

Both me and my mom use this foundation and we both like it really well. there is not that much in the tube though and it does dry fast.

Lauren W.

Ok This product was a good deal, but there is a catch. This foundation is either too light or too dark for your skin, an it DOES NOT match it. Good quality though

Gabrielle D.

This is really drying on my face & when you apply it you have to hurry and rub it in because it dries quickly and then when you try to rub it in it like peels off into little balls. :/ pure miss with this product.

Abby T.

I've been using this product for a while now & it's really not the best for controlling oily skin. It did the job overall, gives you a good amount of coverage at a reasonable and inexpensive price.

Charlee G.
Matches Well

I got this purely for the price as I wanted to try out some new foundations and I got this for £3.99 and I must say for the price the product is really good. I find that once it has settled it goes a little orange but that can easily be toned down with powder. The coverage is great and I can find a small bit will go a long way, I'm very happy with the product and will probably buy more of these in the near future.