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Matte Me Crazy! Mattifying Top Coat


Rebecca M.
Really good

I wanted a mattifying top coat but did not want to spend too much money. I saw this at my local drugstore and was alittle bit hesitant to buy it but I'm glad I did. Great product fast drying. Just great.

Vanessa W.

Why go to American Apparel and spend $3944758989 on a matte top coat when this exists?! It does the job perfectly and matte nails look so chic! One coat and it's perfect. And you really can't beat the price!

Vanessa V.
Love Love Love!

This Matte Nail Polish Is Just Wonderful! It Really does make any of your nail polish matte! At first you would think that because the price is so cheap that it would not even work but that isn't the case here! I've used it so many times and it does not chip and it leaves my nails looking really matte. I would recommend you that when you are at a drug store to pick it up! It's so cheap for a matte top coat and it does the job just like any other expensive matte top coat!

Amy H.
Best Value In my collection!

Love this product! I found it accidentally while picking up a birthday card at Target (had to run thru the polish aisle) and it changed my life! LOL It literally doubles the number of polishes you own, try it on glitters & metallics, so pretty!

Morgan C.
Works Great

I love this stuff! It works great and lets you do so many more designs! I actually couldn't believe that NYC had a matted coat out because I love the price. :)

Carelen C.
Seriously, you need to buy this

I was a little hesitant about the whole Matte Nails trend, partially because it was just so expensive. NOT TRUE ANYMORE!!

This product is under two dollars, easy to apply, quick to dry, and leaves a wonderful Matte Finish. Everything you want from a Mattifying Top Coat, so why would you buy ANYTHING else??!

Amanda N.

I purchased this at Walmart for 1.78 and when I seen it I had a mini heartattack because I was just about to purchase the much more expensive Essie Version. I love how matte this makes my nails look and its a great top coat in general, my nails didn't chip for days! Overall great product that I would recommend to friends and already have!

Isabel D.
Just Fab!!

One of my favorites simple to apply with just one top coat and it's perfect!! Great price, got it at Walmart.. wasn't really looking for this but I'm happy with it! Amazing results! :)

Holly I.
Pretty decent for $1.78

I got this at Walmart for $1.78 while I was looking for the Essie version. It was much cheaper so I gave it a go.

It's pretty nice, my only complaint is that it's kind of thick and if you don't let it dry it's really goopy and kinda gross. Otherwise, great for the price.