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Extreme Lip Glider

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Kirsisb B.
The Best In the World!!

Amazingly glossy, not sticky, smells amazing, and makes any drying lipstick, moisturizing!!!! Love it!! Must Have! I have pretty much every color and use them for almost every tutorial that i use and on a regular basis..

Becky D.
Fun, easy to use color!

I got my first one of these a few weeks ago in the color Park Avenue Pink, which is a really lovely shimmery pink color. I was surprised by the applicator, as it's a little different than most. The almost rubbery material felt cool against my lips, and it gave me the perfect amount and was super helpful in spreading the product. When I first unscrewed the cap, I was amazed at home incredible the product smelled. I believe each one has a slightly different smell, I have three and they are all fruity but not necessarily the same. The staying power isn't fantastic, but that might be because I like to eat it off. It does taste good, after all. But even when I'm not eating it off, it does need to be reapplied more often than say, the Revlon Super Lustrous. However, they are about half the price of the super lustrous, depending on where you buy. They also have a very nice pigment, that is super buildable. It's not sticky or gloppy in any way, just smooth and easy to work with. I love these!