Giu S.
Amazing on any colour of nail polish...

I bought this nail polish on eBay after months looking at it... and I still can't get enough of it! It goes well with any kind of colour, helps you to make your nails pop and stand out. It adds a light to your manicure without being hard to remove like glitters. Amazing.

Christina B.
A true Hidden Treasure!!

I'm not sure if some of you recall when Sally Hansen came out with that polish "Hidden Treasure." Well I never got my hands on it either but one day I stumbled upon this here beauty. It is truly an amazing nail polish because it can do so much to other nail colors. On dark, purples, navys, greens grays and blacks it looks like a oil spill shining in the sunlight in a walmart parking lot. The rainbow flecks literally look like a thousand jagged crystal skins. It looks ahhh---mazzzing.

Srsly. Ahhh--maazzzing.

I paid roughly 8 dollars for shipping and the bottle, I'm currently nearly empty and in the process of ordering a second.

Do not walk, run. Run to a computer, look up Nubar 2010 and order it. You will not be disappointing. :)

Violet likes DM S.
Adds a little something special to polish
Photo of product included with review by Violet likes DM S.

I love this on top of black, it transforms it into something almost magical lol. You do have to wear a top coat and it does chip fast if you don't. I had to buy this on Ebay but it was reasonably priced. Expect to stare at your nails a lot when you wear this, especially when out and the sun hits it.

Chelsea N.

bought this on ebay a while ago i love it! they now have a finger paints and essie versions of this.. :) but the nubar goes on great and gives off a yellow flaky tint with the glitter :)

Myrna P.

I love Nubar Nail Polishes. I will definitely be getting more. Thanks to Christine from Temptalia once again, I purchased after I saw a swatch she did, I went and bought one ASAP!