SUN Protect Water Gel SPF30

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Dawn C.
Worth the considerable effort to purchase!

Unfortunately, this product is not available in the U.S. You can order online, but it is very expensive. I am fortunate enough to have family in Japan who sends this to me at cost. If they ever move back to the states I will absolutely pay the higher cost and order this sunscreen online!

This is a water-based, SPF 30 sunscreen. As a woman of color I find that many foundations with sunscreen leave an unattractive white/greyish cast to my skin. Wearing a sunscreen under a non SPF foundation has the same effect. This is not an issue if I use foundations without sunscreen, but I still need and want the protection.

Enter Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel.

This applies very smoothly and quickly absorbs. I have absoultely no white or grey residue at all and it does not adversely affect my foundations and powders!

During the summer, I wear this alone instead of with a moisturizer. It is not greasy in the slightest bit and gives great protection to my face and neck.

I hope that Nivea will decide to sell this in the US.....This is truly a wonderful product. You can get it in a pump or squeeze bottle.