A Kiss of Mint and Minerals Lip Care

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Anna B.

I love this product! It amazing and hydrates your lips so much. It smells just like mint and goes on clear. It's a must for the cold winter months!

Cheez H.

I love this! This is my chap stick go to! It is nice and cool on your lips, and lasts for a while. There is strong moisturizing feel to it, and the packaging is small enough for travel.

Aleyah W.

this is my holy grail okay this is the most moisturizing lip product I ever had hands down when I put it on my lips it's so smooth and relaxing I will buy this product aging

Charmy N.
Underrated product. LOVE this.

A very moisturizing and soothing lipbalm. This was a random pick up from the drug store and it surprised me. It is much more moisturizing than Burts Bees and EOS balms that I usually gravitate toward.

Lucy C.

This is my HOLY GRAIL lip balm! I picked this up at Walmart by random and I LOVE this! When my lips are super dry I use this and my lips are super smooth. When I finished my first one, I tried to use up my other lip balms but I couldn't go to another lip balm. It is amazing! And I love mint!

Chelsea P.
Minty and Healthy Lips Guaranteed

I LOVE this stuff! My lips get super dry on their own; without winter doing its worst. I use this balm before bed and while I'm prepping my face. Mint is one of my favorites, and not only does this product taste minty, but it smells amazing! My lips are always left feeling fresh and conditioned everytime I use this :) 10/10

Theresa K.
My favourite!

I just started using this a couple months ago and already I've gone through 3 tubes! I love minty lip products. This is a mild mint, it just feels cool on the lips, not crazy tingly or strong like some mint products can be. Has a nice, smooth texture. Lasts a long time and is nice and moisturizing, great for winter!