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Lip+Nip Fix


Debbie C.
Replenishes lips, leaves them smooth, protects dry skin

Nip+Fab is the sister company of Rodial, a premium skincare range used by many well known celebs but the Nip+Fab range comes in at a fraction of the cost so I jumped at the chance to try them.

Lip+Nip Fix is a thick balm which is described as a 'Soothing + healing multi-purpose balm for lips, nipples + dry skin'. With the winter weather mixed with constant central heating my lips were left feeling very dry so it was one of the first products I wanted to give a go.

I love the Nip+Fab packaging. Within the box, the tube is a little larger than similar products I've used but it's still very portable and with 15ml will last a good few months with daily use. The packaging is simple but informative with the Lip+Nip Fix promising to protect lips and nipples as well as replenishing dry and damaged skin.

First thing I noticed is how thick the balm is. I was quite hesitant to squeeze the tube hard for fear it would squirt out but it does take a bit of pressure to get it out. Although it is thick as soon as it comes into contact with the heat of your lips or skin it melts a little to provide great coverage so only a small amount is needed.

There was a noticeable difference in the condition of my lips within seconds of using it. Where my lips felt rough and dry, they quickly became smooth and I have to agree with the packaging that they felt replenished. I have a habit of licking my lips often so within a day I reapply the balm regularly. The time I notice the difference the most though is in the morning. My lips always feel so smooth and haven't gone back to being rough or dry.

One of the things I like with Nip+Fab is the products I've tried are not scented or only have a very faint smell so even this balm is ideal for both men and women.

I'm not a lipstick fan so generally used to wear gloss or balm anyway and this one leaves my lips with a lovely sheen. It is a bit sticky on application but loses that feeling as it melts. On dry skin, the balm leaves a protective covering helping to protect it. I've used it a few times on my knuckles which were quite dry and just like my lips, it quickly made a difference. Where I'd lick my lips often needing to reapply the balm, it lasts far longer on my skin helping to protect it especially when out in the cold weather which would leave it feeling irritated. It can feel a little stickier than it does on my lips though so I prefer to apply it when it's not likely I'll be touching it.

Although the price of this balm is over £8 (available at Boots or the Nip+Fab website), comparing it to Vaseline at 99p or Molton Brown's Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver at £10 which has been my favourite for the last few years, I have to say Lip+Nip Fix is topping my list.

Mercedes D.
Very Moisturizing

I really like this product. It's very moisturizing - I'd consider it a deep repair treatment for the lips since it's heavy, and the condition it leaves your lips in is long lasting. Also, it's made out of lanolin, so it kind of smells like goat and I wouldn't recommend it you if you're vegan. However, It's amazing as an overnight lip treatment or if you have chapped or dry lips (perfect cure). No real complaints.

Kammi K.

That reminds me, I need it more. lol. It almost running out. I got it for free from- I can't remember. I think I prob won that product but I need more.