Nicole by OPI

Nail Lacquer


Jen S.
I don't like it

I found this made sort of of watery and chipped the next day. It is not the cheapest either it is like $10 for a bottle I can go to sears and get three for $10!I think they don't put it in a big enough bottle but I like the shades though.

MissPrettyInPolish x.
Love everything but the brush.

I love the color selections. For the most part, they are very opaque and you are guaranteed a complement when you're wearing this polish. The only thing I don't like is the brush. It's too thick for my liking but other than that, everything else is lovely.

Christy  V.
Dries fast and isn't too thick

I really like the Nicole by OPI nail polishes. I don't like when polishes are too watery or too thick. The consistency of the Nicole by OPI polishes is just perfect. My favorite is the shade in gold.