Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo


Ana C.

My favorite shampoo! I have extremely dry hair and for ME, this moisturized it and left my feeling very soft. It smells amazing, and it suds quickly [which I Love]. This shampoo always leaves my scalp feeling clean in comparison to the Kera Care that i was previously using.

Charissa Y.

This shampoo makes it hair shine as if u got it hair done at the saloon. I also love the smell but this shampoo wans't so moisterizing for me. Also, i try to look for the best shampoo for my husband who has coarse hair and is somewhat dry. His scalp then to get dry easily and build up flakes fast! Head n shoulder works for him for awhile and then a week or 2 later his head becomes flaky again. Newho, I would not be buying this shampoo again although it was nice to have. It was just not very mositerizing.