PRO•MEND Heat Protection Styling Spray


Phoebe L.
Great Protection and Shine

This product is not cheap but worth every penny!! Not only does this product protect your hair but it also creates wonderful shine! My life has been so much easier having this spray around. After application I would recommend waiting for about 3-4 minutes before beginning use of heat tool just because if you don't wait you will see steam and even though it's probably just the product burning off I wouldn't take those chances. Also if you wait the product can set therefore providing more protection!! Must have for all beauty lovers.

Emily M.
Best Heat Protectant Ever!

I LOVE this! I often color treat my hair, so it is very sensitive. When I do need to use a heat product of any sort, I make sure to use this spray first! It is very good at protecting my hair and preventing damage. Also, it is very good at de-frizzing your hair, so sometimes I just use it to tame frizz!

Faith S.
I love it!

I love this product because of the scent, packaging, and what it does for my hair. I use heat on my hair quite often and this helps it stay healthy. My hair is also very thick, so it's easy for products to weigh it down. This is very lightweight, and I love the nozzle because it evenly distributes the product onto my hair. The scent is really clean smelling, like you just got out of the shower. I'm almost out, and I will be repurchasing this for sure! :)

Shannyn C.
Won't blow dry my hair without it.

I love this heat protectant! It protects my hair without leaving my hair sticky, knotty or dirty feeling. Keeps it smooth, soft & smells so fresh & clean!