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Ultra Gentle Facial Moisturizer


Lauren M.

I bought this because it's fragrance free. I'm allergic to almost all fragrance ( gives me headaches), but with this I don't have that problem. It's not sticky and absorbs well into the skin. A little goes a long way so you definitely get your money's worth.

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Jo M.
Where have YOU been all my life??!! LOVE THIS!
Jo M.'s Review Image

Ahhhhhhh.... Neutrogena, where have been my entire life??!!?? For soooo long I've been in search of a face moisterizer that is gentle, safe for my sensitive skin and most of all have a SPF in it that doesn't cause me to breakout like I'm going through puberty all over again! Ugh. I am 32 and every time I've used a face lotion with SPF I will wake up the next day with at least one or 3 pimples. That sucks. Because no sun protection is a big No-No. Also pimples are a bummer as well u know :-(

This product is light because it is oil free and waterbased.Thus it also absorbs quickly. Its scent free. Big plus! Especially for folks like me who suffer from migraines. I love it! Now finally I can not only moisturize but for the first time ever I can also protect against sun damage! Thankyou Neutrogena 4 making such a great product for those of us who have the most finicky of faces :-P

Heather S.
great (:

I have very dry skin and this did wonders for me, it didn't cost that much either. I love how it doesn't clog any of my pores (: major plus1

Minh N.
Light and non-greasy

My skin is very oily however, there are days that is quite dry. I find that this product absorbs into the skin very well however, it does not really give an intense moisturising feeling.

Marykate T.

This product is good for my combination skin because i just put it in my cheeks after washing, and all is good. if you have dry, flakey skin i wouldnt bother with this product though. not a deep moisturizer but just enough to prevent that plastic-y feeling after washing your face.

Megan F.
Made my skin more oily

I bought this product because i have really oily skin and was looking for an oil-free moisturizer. Even though it says it's oil-free, i noticed my skin felt greasy and oily after i put it on.

Holly K.
Hated it

It did absolutely nothing for my dry skin. I would apply it all over my face before i went to sleep, when i woke up, before i put make up on, and as soon as i got out of the shower. It still did nothing. I liked that it absorbed into the skin quickly and that it had almost no fragrance, and a little does go a long way. I had this for months and i hate to waste stuff so i used it all up. But it didnt help at all.