Shine Control Primer


Syl C.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It will make your makeup and your skin look very powdery and it will make you look very pale!! Plus I got this on one of my shirts one time,and it DOSENT come of!!:( DO NOT buy this product

Jennie R.

do not spend your money on this product. It really does not work. I only get shiny on hot days and only in my t-zone and this product did absolutely nothing to control my oily ness I've been using it for a couple months now and regret buying it. It's also really pricey which is ridiculous b/c it doesn't work at all.

Kristen T.
Doesn't do what it is meant to

I have really odd skin in that it is super oily all over, but can also be dry and flaky in patches. In terms on controlling my shine throughout the day, it did nothing, and not long after applying my skin was back to being shiny. Also, it says it won't over dry skin, but it definitely did dry out my skin.