Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

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MelissaLee V.
i'd pick this over a pack of wipes

I like that theres no smell to it, its hypoallergenic to the eye area knowing that part of your face is really sensitive. To get the best of results, you have to shake the bottle because of the oil is cut off from the solution so when you mix them together, it actually takes everything off. I usually use a paper towel and gently rub away because since the paper towel is so rough with one swipe the makeup is off. This remover does leave oiliness but it actually dries on its own and doesnt make your skin feel nasty. I'd rather use this than any pack of wipes because its liquid right off the hand and a pack of wipes would cost about 5 bucks for maybe 14 to 20 sheets depending the brand. And most wipes are scented. So this is definitely worth it and will last long if you use it with a paper towel or some sort and just a little piece will go a long way. This also does wonders if you have a makeup q-tip with the pointy tip dip it in the remover and fix any minor problems or little cleanups to eyeliner mascara or eyeshadow.. it does not run and will leave your final look sharp and clean

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Hannah N.
The best remover available at a drug store.

The mixture of the chemicals create a temporary "oil-like" texture, breaking down and loosening make-up. This may confuse some users but the texture goes away when the chemicals separate. Wipe off with a cotton pad and rinse with warm water to remove excess remover.

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Cheramy K.
Can't live without it!

If I don't have this, I don't wear makeup. Simple as that. This stuff is cheap and works wonders! It even takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner like a charm. I prefer to use it with baby wipes and a little goes a long way. One bottle will last me a super long time even if I use makeup everyday! If you're looking for a cheap makeup remover, this is the perfect bang for your buck :) Out of all the makeup removers I've tried, this is the best.

Saara Q.

This is an amazing product, no lie. I've had days were i've worn so much mascara, and it literally takes it all away. My two sisters have very sensitive skin, and they haven't reacted to this.

Tatiana  M.
finally something that works.

oh my gosh, i read the reviews here about the nuetrogena wipes and realized the damage i was ignoring to my face just to get the waterproof makeup off, after reading great reviews about this product i decided to go out and buy it, i absolutely LOVE it!! the nuetrogena wipes burned my eyes and left my face greasy as this product does the opposite of both. i will never go back to something that sucks!!

Crystal S.

These kinds of oil based (even though it says oil free) makeup removers are wonderful because they take everything off. I love them. They work so well because oil attracts oil. I keep seeing comments saying that it leaves an oily feeling on the skin after their makeup has been removed. What you must understand about cleansers like this is that they are not meant to be your only cleanser; they should be followed by your regular facial cleanser. This is just what it says it is, a makeup remover, not a stand alone cleanser. With that being said, you can use any type of oil based cleanser to remover your makeup even if you have oily skin, because oil attracts oil. It will not break you out if you follow it up with your normal skin care regimen.

Ashley M.

This stuff is amazing. It takes away all your eye makeup, even water proof. I was using the neutrogena towelettes for makeup removed but I always had some eyeliner and mascara left over under my eyes even after washing my face. This stuff removes it all and is wonderful. It works best for me when using it with paper towel or a Kleenex instead of a cotton ball.

Ebony P.
Fav makeup remover, by far!

This one takes off waterproof mascara like it ain't nothin! I haven't found any eye-makeup that even comes close to standing up to it. AND, it still washes off easily afterwards so you don't feel all greasy afterwards.

Amrita A.
Amazing. Go to!

I love love love this. It takes everything off and doesn't leave you smelling weird. It doesn't hurt your eyes like other products have, and I just use it with a face towel. great for waterproof products as well.

Desiree E.

I've tried many eyemakeup removers and I always come back to this! I feel other removers don't take off my eyemakeup as good as this. It just melts everything right off! I use a cotton round and place it over my eye, hold it for a few seconds then gently remove my makeup. Another awesome thing about this is its affordable! Especially if you buy it from a drugstore when its on sale! I highly recommend this.