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Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser


Lauren C.

my brother has been battling with acne for years and this is the first acne wash that has truly helped him..i know everyone says this smells amazing, but i actually really dont like the smell, but i can tolerate it...i like to balance between this and "No Zit Sherlock" face wash, they both work for grapefruit acne scrub really makes my skin feel really clean which i also doesnt dry out my skin which i love!

Whitney N.
Refreshing, non-drying

I have a few different face washes that I rotate. This one I use when my face needs a light cleanse and moisture immediately added in. It does not leave my face feeling dry afterward..LOVEs it. Neutrogena face products seem to work well for my sensitive skin.

Julianne J.
Like this line- not sure about the menthol in this one

I got this product thinking it would be just like the other products in this line- particularly the facial scrub (of course without the exfoliant) and I really wanna get the body scrub, as it seems like a larger size of the facial scrub. However, I didn't check the ingredients, which I usually make a point of doing. When I cracked it open in the shower the first time, I smelled Menthol. It kinda makes me think of menthol ciggies (don't smoke), and it doesn't have that Blistex/Vick's Vaporub camphor/menthol smell either, which I like. It kinda stumps me that they added menthol in, albeit, there is not a ton since its on the bottom of the ingredients list. I have nothing against menthol, I just think its laughably random as to why its an added fragrance. I kind of would have preferred the plain old grapefruit scent, but I guess they wanted to add a pinch of something different- and I appreciate their creativity. But why menthol and not peppermint or something of that sort? I don't know if it bugs me that much, but I figure it would be worth mentioning. The scent is noticeable when you open it, but on the face, you'll only feel the cooling menthol if you use a lot of product. It has a nice creamy texture and feel, and lathers up nicely on the skin. My skin feels super soft, smooth and oil free, post cleanse, but a little teeny weensy bit tight- nothing my myriad/hoard of moisturizers can't fix. The packaging is cute as usual, with the typical flip top and squeezey hole, although the plastic feels thinner and more pliable/bendable, which is great seeing as how my shower rack is filled to the brim with my girly toiletries. There is a ton of product in here, so this one is great for sharing. I'm not sure I would repurchase, but am definitely considering the body scrub.