Nourishing Eyeliner


Elizabeth D.
Um, Wow!

This eyeliner is pretty amazing! (pun intended) It goes on great and looks fantastic with the smudged effect. The sparse sparkles I. it bring light and attention to the eye area. I have hyper sensitive eyes, and this caused me no problem whatsoever. I definitely recommend this!

Jenny W.
great design, not so great product

The packaging is absolutely brilliant! One end you have the eyeliner, which you twist to get more, and the other end, you have a smudger + sharpener! But the eyeliner itself is very average. It's very creamy and applies nicely, though it may be problematic for people with oily lids. I do like how thin the liner itself is, so you could potentially use it for the water line. However, I find that it smudges on me too easily and doesn't last very long :(

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