Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - Night Calming



The calming smell really is a nice touch when you're taking off the makeup at night & you just want to relax. It works well too and even takes off the waterproof mascara. It doesn't take off waterproof makeup with just one swipe, but nevertheless, it does take it off. Just don't be too rough on your lashes, especially if your mascara is in thick coats.

Kelandra W.
The best especially for sensitive skin!

LOOOOVE these things! Even gets the lashes to surrender! I have eczema and they are gentle enough on my skin AND they take off even photoshoot make up.

Elizabeth W.
Gets it off!

I love make up wipes, they are so much easier. The smell of these are wonderful, they are the night calming ones. They have a lavender smell that make me so relaxed and ready for bed.

Rachel C.

its okay i mean to me it smells good but sometimes when i use it it seems to iritate my eyes and i dont really look forward to that at the end of the night :/ but its fine :)

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Alexandria R.
It is okay

I have used better makeup removers and right now I''m using a much better makeup wipes remover this one does a good job, but It is overpriced compared to the ones I am using now and comes with less wipes and does the same job.

Rachel R.
Removes makeup well, but pricey for my taste.

I used this makeup remover for a long time before discovering that Target's Up&Up brand had a toilet that pretty much does everything this does, with a more cloth like texture, for half the price.

These wipes remove all sorts of makeup, including waterproof, and are pretty gentle on the skin. They didn't leave my skin feeling greasy, or dried out, which is nice as well. They're a nice makeup removing cloth, but for $6.99 at Target, not worth the price. If you like this, I would encourage you to try the Up&Up alternative, I have really enjoyed those more, and are about $3.59.

Ashley M.

I really like these makeup remover wipes. They remove all of my eye makeup (even mascara and water proof eyeliner) as well as My face makeup. These have made a big difference in my skin as well and the wipes don't irritate my skin or eyes either.

Carina C.
The best I've used so far.

I love these, they are awesome when you feel so tired & do not feel like washing your face. They take every inch of my makeup off & all you need is one sheet. The price is very reasonable & the entire package last me at least 2 months :)

Lauren C.

i love this product because it really gets the job done, but i do find that it doesnt get the heavy duty mascara that i use off to an extent, it works but if i wiped my face them used a tissue and swiped down my eye i would have makeup smuged on my face and on the tissue...i do use this product, and i dont think i would switch because i do like doesnt burn my eyes which is HUGE, and i really do like it...but i use a different face makeup remover because i dont feel this really helps my face feel fully clean, sometimes my face even feels sticky after this, but i do use it over and over, i do think its worth it