Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick


Lillee T.

It was okay . It is still good . I just take a little and dab it under my eye . I found that within using it in a week it helped keep the dark circles under my eye just naturally blend with my skin with out heavy duty foundation nor concealer

Isa T.

Ugh I really really wanted to like this! I heard great things about the Revlon Photo-Ready Concealer, but I didn't have access to it, and this was the next closet thing. My god this conceals NOTHING! It's ridiculously waxy. I know this is kind of targeted for undereye circles, but I got it for the purpose of concealing my breakouts. Over active breakouts, this just caked up. Over acne scars, this just kind of dissolved and looked like I didn't apply anything. Sorry, didn't work out for me :(