Healthy Skin Enhancer


Tiffani W.
Great for Olive tones with freckles!

I love this, sometimes it's hard to find this shade so I stock up when I do, it works perfect to moisturize and even out my skin. I always get comments when I haven't worn it for a few days and then when I do they all think I look well rested. Guess my natural skin isn't so perky looking without this! Love that it has spf too!

Cameron R.
Great mild coverage and a totally natural finish!

I love using this product in the summertime! I like how it has retinol and SPF 20 in it, to treat my skin, while also protecting it! I actually don't apply with my hands, I use a stippling brush since the product is creamy enough. It blends very well, and gives you great coverage without being able to detect anything is on your face at all! Great drugstore TM, and worth the money! I have had no breakouts or allergic reactions to this product.

Felicia S.
Sits Nicely on the Skin

I had high hopes for this product and I was NOT let down by Neutrogena! :) I have incredibly dry skin with mild eczema at times, and I have a lot of dryness around the bottom of my nose right now. I put on my healthy skin enhancer moisturizer this morning and by the time I had finished it with a powder, I couldn't even see my dry spots. It has a great lightweight feel and I love that it has a pump. It blends beautifully and smells nice too. I'm not sure if it "enhances" my skin but I looove this as a tinted moisturizer!

Tricia P.
some coverage, nice finish

i've been using this a lot lately and it's really growing on me. it gives me a bit of coverage and it's good to apply when you're in a hurry. it has SPF and retinol in it, both of which are obviously great :) i really like to use this instead of foundation. this is the best drugstore tinted moisturizer that i've ever encountered

Brigitte B.
Your skin, but better! :)

I am not a foundation girl, so this is perfect for me. I wish I could afford the high end products, but this is the best drug store tinted moisturizer I can find.

Pros: Goes on really sheet but covers any red spots or discoloration. Cheap and lasts forever. Only need a small amount to cover entire face. Blends out really nicely, no lines or streaking.

Cons: I can only get this to work with my fingers, can't use a brush or streaking occurs.

Overall: Best tinted moisturizer from a drug store. :)

Vik A.

This is everything you want to be putting on your face (rather than leaving it bare) when you're in a hurry. It's not heavy; it truly is just a moisturizer with a TINT, so there's not much coverage and no need for a brush. It's still early spring which means my skin's nowhere near its darkest yet, so I went with neutral-to-tan, which despite its dark appearance in the bottle is just perfect. There is a slight scent (which I assume is either the SPF or the retinol) but it's nothing off-putting. My only concern is that even with a lid, whatever product is in the tip of the pump dries out; it only takes one pump to cover my face, but a fourth of that pump is dried product!

Kristen T.
Save your money

This really did nothing for me. I have combination skin, and for the drier areas of my skin it did nothing to help moisturize. I really don't see the point of buying a product that offers essentially no cover and ALSO doesn't do what it's meant to: moisturize and smooth skin.