Glow Sheers

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Noemi R.
I love this

this is my everyday makeup foundation. I love that it's sheer, but still build-able and oil free and it's from Neutrogena so you know it's good for your skin. SPF 30 is great and always set it in with a loose powder always looks fresh and great, perfect for spring/summer.

Melanie G.
great sun protection

I’ve been wearing mineral foundation for so long, that it was weird to put something on my face that was liquid. The first thing that I realized is that this is not exactly a tinted moisturizer, moreso a light coverage foundation. You need to use a moisturizer before this unless you have really oily skin. The smell is basically sunscreen, which I kind of liked because it helped me to be assured that my skin was being protected. I was hoping that this wouldn’t dry my skin out too much, but unfortunately it caused dry flakes on my skin as I rubbed it in. I may apply it with a sponge applicator next time instead of my fingers. This is probably the major downside that I found with this product. I was not able to apply it as smoothly as I would have liked…if the formula was more like a moisturizer it would probably be easier. However, it did make my skin glow! (almost a little bit too much!…I threw on some powder on top of it). The tint is very very light, so wear concealer if you need to cover up any blemishes. I was a bit worried that the color I got, “light to medium” would be too light for me, but it was actually perfect. I think the medium may have been too dark. I found the sun protection to be very good. I was out all day in the sun, and neglected to put on any other sunscreen on the rest of my body (which was a mistake since I got pretty burnt!). Well, the only place that didn’t get red was my face…so I’m attributing that to this product. Overall, good protection and tint, but I wish the formula was less drying.

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Angela T.

Sheer light coverage.

Perfect for summertime, or when your on the go. It gives your skin a radiant glow/finish to it. I frequently used this last summer when I would just go shopping, or to the beach.

Also, its great when you add it to your foundation for more coverage!

Angela W.
Love it in the summertime.

The sun is a magical thing. When I get a little bit- not too much though, it tends to clear up my skin. And when that amazing thing happens I actually get to go light on my makeup. One of my favorite light foundations is this one.

You have to be quite tan to pull off the Medium but my spray tan loving self has no problem with that. What's nice about this formula is that it happens to be a tad on the orangey side so if you're using faux tan it blends just perfectly.

It's never made me break out and I've mixed it with every other foundation under the sun. Great consistency and a steal for the drugstore price.