Gentle Srcub - Oil Free


Chuchu L.
Bye bye Acnes

Yup, this is the magical product that help me said good bye to acnes. (Of course besides my lovely acupuncturist).

I know I am not suppose to, but I use this every night as face wash. My pores felt extremely open and clean after the wash. My face felt smooth.

I don't like the deep clean face wash (feels too creamy), so I think the scrub is a better fit for me.

Then, Neutrogena came out with the invigorating (Blue gel bottle) of the deep clean scrub. I love that for the summer as my face really cool down afterwards.

Sherry B.

Oil=free, gentle exfoliation, and a deep clean ...that will keep your face sqaueaky clean...awesome! a dirty face = breeding ground for bacteria that causes acne...couple this with a foaming facial cleanser, astrigent and black soap and youll have flawless skin for a lifetime...dont foreget the moisturizer and sunblock!