Deep Clean Invigorating Daily Cleanser


Hafsa L.

I really love this product... I bought this product cuz i love NEUTROGENA all products... And its result is amazing.. it has removed all the acne from my face by daily wash and i just wanna say that i love it and 5 stars for this product...

Chuchu L.
What's wrong with me ?~ I always like their scrub products better

I started with deep clean invigorating scrub and I LOVE it. So I decided to give deep clean daily cleanser a try since I am not suppose to use scrub every night on my face XDã??

This product has the same cooling effect as the scrub, but my skin feels tighter after I wash my face. I don't like that tension feeling on my skin.

In addition, I guess because the texture is much softer, it gets into my eyes more easily. My eyes feels like on cooling fire when it accidentally gets in.

So this will probably be my first and only bottle. > <