Acne Wash Redness Soothing Facial Gel Cleanser


Chris S.
Too drying for me.

I have sensitive, oily/combination skin and this cleanser caused more problems than it fixed. After washing my face with this product, my skin always feels very tight and dry. Within 30 minutes my skin starts to crack and peel if I don't use moisturizer right after washing my face. It also doesn't heal existing acne or prevent future breakouts. It might actually make acne worse, but my skin is very acne-prone to begin with so it's hard for me to tell.

I'm giving it two stars because the scent is light and pleasant, unlike some other acne treatments I've used. It also foams up and rinses off very well without leaving any residue behind. It seems like a good product in general, just not for my skin type.

Ashley H.
works good

I literally used the whole bottle and I usually dont do that. It didnt dry out my face and I didnt have any acne pop up while using this it worked good

Jazmyn M.
Broke me out

I had high hopes for this product because it had an acne treatment in it and also aloe which are very good ingredients for your skin but when i first started using it it dried the hell outta my skin ! so i cut it down to once a day, it wasnt drying out my skin as bad but it started to break me out idk if it was due to the product or my diet or something but i kept with it and came to the conclusion that it was this product that was breaking me out. And i still have a 3rd of it left -.- waste of money

Melissa F.
Very soothing

I started using this product when I stopped using my acne prescription, which caused my skin to peel. This product is very soothing and helps to calm down the redness from existing pimples or ones coming up to the surface. This product can be really drying but I like that because my skin is so oily, the dryness does not last more than 2 minutes on my face. I like how it doesn't have a strong scent and is very mellow. I wish Neutrogena made a body wash in this scent because I really like this product.

Steph L.
I like it, but I don't hate it!

I used to use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit and that one made me break out like crazy. I have really sensitive skin and this really helped with the redness on my skin. Sometimes it makes my skin dry and really splotchy. After I use it, I have to put a moisturizer on. It helps prevent me from breaking out. I like that it has aloe in it because it doesn't irritate my skin. I would repurchase this again.

Evelyn R.

omg stay away this dried me out like hell my face felt sooooooo tight. then on top of that it broke me out, i still have like a half of a bottle left i am about to give it away.

Myrna P.

I do not have issues with Acne but I do have a lot of redness in the cheek area. I love it. You can feel the coolness of the face wash. It smells wonderful and it doesn't irritate my skin. I would recommend Neutrogena anytime!

Mandi P.
Great for Redness!

Hands down the best drugstore cleanser for me, beening it for 3 months already ( i need a second bottle) I have bunch of redness from my acne around my t-zone & cheeks area, I wash it with my clarsonic with lukewarm water ( Morning & Night Time) My face feels soft and clean, luckily doesn't break me out , it works for oily skin with acne-red prone skin.