Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


Hannah C.
Just Like Velvet
Photo of product included with review by Hannah C.

They got the name of this product right! This pencil wears like Velvet. It's so luxurious feeling. Just the name and texture alone makes you feel sexier the moment you put it on. Wears like iron and feels comfortable at the same time.

The only thing I'm a little iffy on is the smell. Not really sure what's up with that and I can't really explain it, but still a great product never-the-less.

Fifi D.
Best Long Wear Matte Lipstick

I got a sample from Sephora and was hooked. Deeply pigmented, and it doesn't rub off when you kiss or drink. It fades slowly and it looks lovely still when it does. A perfect formula and spot on shades. I Love it!!!

Nicole A.
Soft and beautiful

I love the idea of these lip pencil/lipstick, first off the color glides on so soft and lines the lip perfectly, eliminating the use of a separate liner which I like. Nars is a very luxurious brand and these meet the mark along with there face products. This color is beautiful a true Sexy sultry red and extremely full of moisture compared to my beloved Mac mattes (:

Helen Z.
Easy to use

I really enjoyed using this lip pencil. It was very easy to apply on the lips because the formula is very creamy and pigmentation is amazing! I think the colour would go well with many skin tones because is it not too blue-toned nor orange-toned. The formula of the lip pencil also lasts long, especially after blotting your lips. Would purchase some more shades in the future!

Alison S.
Photo of product included with review by Alison S.

I am obsessed with these. I get them in every color but Cruella is my favorite. It is a cool red. I think that it has the right brightness and depth to look good on all skin tones. Plus you can layer. I have never worn it without getting complements!

I use an eyeshadow primer to keep the color on all day even through lunch. It is matte so you need to moisturize and exfoliate before wearing.

Brooke L.

This is such a bad lip pencil, I could of got a cheaper and more effective one from Primark or Wallmart, I had to cover my lips 4 times before the colour started to come through.

April B.
Great buy!

I love the way these feel! Not dry and cakey like a normal lip pencil. It glides on smooth and soft. I like the thick barrel to it for all-over application. I also like how they have bold and neutral options which I have in both. The bold colors are vibrant while the neutrals make for a great day time look!

Rosa M.
Makes my lips look ah- mazing

Ok first off, I honestly love mattes, so I go this as a birthday present from sephora and I definitely love it, it's super smooth and vivid. It smells super delicious and it makes my lips look super nice, even without lip liner which is a plus, the only bad thing is it kinda smears a bit, but you learn to not mess with it after a while

Mary B.
Awesome go-to lip color

Somehow I've already accumulated four of these pencils. Dolce Vita and Dragon Girl are probably my favorites. Dolce Vita is a perfect everyday color; I find it to be a little bit sheer and can take a bit to build up full color, but lasts a long time. Dragon Girl is also a great one, as everyday a color as red can be, and low maintenance at that. I also have Cruella and Train Bleu. All the colors have a great matte finish (velvet is a great descriptor) and don't feel too drying to me.

The only problems I have with this product are the slight sheerness and occasional patchiness, mostly with Train Bleu. I find this is easily remedied by layering the pencil over a lip liner (I use MAC Currant with Train Bleu) or a liquid lipstick. It just gives the color a little extra punch and probably makes it last longer.

Emily S.
decent product

The color selection is beautiful and application is even and easy. Are they revolutionary? No. Are they impossible to dupe? No. Are they nice? Yes, but for the price there's so many other options.