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Larger Than Life Lip Gloss


Audrey M.
Love the color!!

As with most of my Nars products, I adore using this lipgloss--it has a creamy, non sticky texture which I like, but the only con about this product is that the brush is so tiny! It took my forever to apply and my lips aren't even that big, LOL!

Jacquelyn J.
In love with this lipgloss!

This is my first time owning a NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss! I got it in Gold Digger since I have been wanting that shade for ages! I love it so much that this would be my go-to lipgloss!

Jani M.
Obsessed with this shade!

Although it looks intimidating in the package, never fear! It is an extremely wearable color. Like almost all Nars products, I'm attracted to the vibrant colors and risque names. This color caught my eye almost instantaneously. I had to try it on, and I was worried that it'd be too much for me seeing as how electric the color is but the second I put it on, it was beautiful. It stayed in place after hours of eating and drinking. At around $26, it's a bit of a splurge but trust me, it's completely worth every cent!

Tiffany P.
Wear alone or over a lip stick

This is the first golden colored gloss that I've been able to wear alone that doesn't turn "silver" or "ashy" on my lips after a couple of hours. I love NARS Gold Digger and was able to purchase this color at The Makeup Show-Chicago for 30% off. As you all know, it is very seldom that we can score discounts with the company!

Simone W.
Expensive but ooooh weee!

This gloss is beautiful. I fell in love with the color first and then realized it was NARS and thought ohoh, how expensive could it be? Very! It was $26 at Sephora. (thank God I had a coupon!) bu I is an amazing formula that is nothing like a lipstick but a very high en gloss. It has amazing pigment and staying power. I have lready received compliments while wearing it. Besides the price, the only other con I can think of is the applicator brush. It's so small and gimpy. I hate it. But I put up with it bcuz the gloss is that great. The next time you get some savings give it a try.

edit...seriously, no one should pay full price for this gloss. It's gloss! I think I could find a dupe that I could live with for a fraction of the cost. It's pretty but it's still just a gloss.