Contour Blush

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Nicole A.
Shockingly Amazing

so I've been trying to save time on my makeup routine, and decided to try a powder contour rather then my usual 5 cream pallet. I was undecided which powder contour kit to get and looked into them all. I didn't want another pallet where 4 of the 6 colors never get used so I grabbed this beauty. 1st off between an nc35 nc 40 in mac face products. I use nc30 as a highlight for under my eyes. So though this color may seem a little scary because it appears super dark, I went with this rather then the middle shade. This product is the bomb amazing sculpted face!!! When applied it gives a natural demention to my bone structure, and no orange undertone, I use the lighter shade on bridge and sides of nose and above eyebrows. If you are looking to stop wasting money on these palettes with colors that you never touch then give this one a try!! Yes Another Reason Why nars is so luxe (: