Nails Inc. London

Kensington Caviar Top Coat


Kelley Diona M.

This top coat is best I have found. It dries really fast and super shiny. I purchased a small size bottle on clearance at Sephora. I will surely purchase the full size bottle soon.

Jessica L.

The Nails Inc. Kensington top coat is my absolute FAVORITE! It takes my so so manicure to professional in seconds! Dries quick and super shiny! The base coat is pretty good too. If you want to check it out they are carried at Sephora:)

Alletta F.

My favourite top coat. It dries fast. It looks amazing. It's easy to apply. It lasts a couple of days on me, which means it probably will last quite long on a normal person. I'm the type of girl who is always doing something, and my nails are in pretty bad condition making them soft and thin, so no mani ever lasts long on me.

Amber R.
Does exactly what it claims!

Usually when I try these speed dry top coats the drying part works, but it doesn't leave any shine. Kensington Caviar achieves both these tasks easily. Plus, the name sounds ultra classy :) Full review at