Nail Artist Paint


Kelli M.
Kisses for kiss

I have had many shades of these over the years I like the brush size, easy to control and good for line work! It is affordable and the bottles can be used on many sets of nails!

Angie A.

One of my favorites second only to Color Club. I find that sometimes nail stripers can be made with funky formulas (such as the So Easy Stripe Rites) but these act like a normal polish. The brush is extremely thin and allows for delicate designs.

Dallas Lynne S.

I do enjoy using these and they're great for nail designs, but the only downfall is the nail polish dries up in the container if you don't put the lip on quickly. But the bright side is is that they dry fast on nails so you don't have to wait for them to dry.

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A G.
My favorite!
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These are by far the best nail art polishes out there! The brushes are the thinnest out of all of the different brands I own. This makes it easier to create thin, delicate designs. Some of the colors are a bit sheer, but you can always go over it again with another coat!

Precious F.

I just got the one that was white,silver,and black and the brush in the white came out! I had to exchange it and I did for the purple with the gold and pink glitters and I love them! The brush is something I find easy to handle which lets me be even more creative!

Alyssa L.
so so

they are ok i think the art deco work way better but they work Ok i have the silver white and black but the sticker stencils suck they tear so easy

Lauren K.

These are ok, they smell pretty bad and the colors come off pretty sheer, still love them and I would repurchase. I own the light green, hot pink and midnight blue color. Might do some reviews on these, check out my channel on youtube! BareStudyBeauty16

Victoria R.

These aren't the best nail stripers I've used but they're pretty good. The smell of these is a lot stronger than regular nail polish so if you're sensitive to smells I wouldn't recommend these. The brush on these is pretty long and I like a shorter brush for more control so that's a downside for me. The formula varies a lot between colours on these and some a too thick while others a too thin and some are perfect. Also the pigmentation on some shades could be better.

Kristin E.

I really like these I have almost all of them there only 6.99 each kit and there's 3 in each and it comes with stencils I don't use them I just like using the polish I have some brushes that are not as long I sometimes use them when I want to do certain designs that I cant do with the brushes they come with.

KrizzTina M.
Great For Striping

They have really long brushes and the formula is good, but they seem to thicken up after a while. They're fun to use and great, but there is something (which i dont know) you have to do to keep the consistency at its best. and i think thats adding a drop of nail thinner into the bottle when you first get it, or just learning how to be skilled enough to use them so well.