AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser


Nicole A.
forgot to add something quick

on another note I forgot to add that this cleanser actually cleans out my clogged pores which has never happened with anything else I've always had to use an extractor my whole life because I have rather big pores, other then the occasion of a pore strip now and then nothing has worked until now.....if that's not reason enough to buy this I don't know what is (:

Nicole A.
Finally my HG

This is the most amazing face wash I've ever experienced. It's like getting a facial everytime I wash my face. I used it before about a year ago and saw a difference in about 2 weeks, my skin looks smooth, bright and much more healthy, it leaves me with a glow like no other. I recently bought another tube and am so happy I did. At my age I'm 37 skin care is a big concern especially when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. I have severely oily skin so it's important for me to find just the right products without adding to my oil I already have. The ingredients in this wash are exactly what my skin needs. The tube is quite big at 6.75 ozs and you only need a pea size amount so it really out ways the price of 38$ totally worth it. My skin is so much more healthy and I feel confident in my skin, really one of those amazing products I will continue to use everyday. It gives you a nice soft polish without irritation to the soft spots of the face and cleans to perfection (:

Krystal C.
Great for sensitive skin!

If you know me, then you probably have heard me complaining about my skin - dry, itching, bumpy redness from itchiness, horrible cleansers burning my skin and making it dry out even more - just horrible horrible experiences! Well, during the Christmas shopping time last year, I took advantage of their special sale where you spend like $35 on products and get a baggy of samples for free. In that sample baggy was a mini tube of Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, I tried my hardest to make it last as long as possible, and once it started running low, I jumped on Sephora's website ASAP and ordered it. I cannot explain how much I LOVE this product, it literally feels like you are rubbing silk into your face and the tiny Jojoba beads are luxuriously massaging! This is amazing, not only did I find a gentle cleanser that doesn't burn, but an exfoliating one too. And the smell is very fresh and calming also, not all perfume like some I've tried in the past. I always wash my face in the shower, and after I get out, my face does have that tight and dried out feeling - it feels hydrated and healthy. The website says additional features and ingredients are "Sodium PCA and Jojoba Seed Oil boost hydration" & "Licorice Extract reduces irritation and inflammation". Honestly, after using up the sample, my skin did look less dull and less bumpy. It looked very healthy and smooth and soft to the touch. I recommend this product and this brand to people looking for gentle cleansers, or those who don't have break outs and acne but just need a good cleanser.

Victoria S.
Excellent Exfoliator

My skin had enough. After applying makeup, sunscreen, and skincare, my skin became clogged with build up. It looked dull and I lost the glow I try to maintain. I decided that I needed to exfoliate my skin and reveal a new layer of skin!

After doing a lot of research, I purchased Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser because it cleansed, exfoliated, and had AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), two skincare products known for revealing beautiful skin and fading acne marks.

Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a great product to have in your skincare regime. I use it every other day to exfoliate product build up or dead skin. After I use it, my skin is always glowing and my pores are cleaner and smaller. It's not a product to use everyday otherwise it's too harsh, but, the exfoliating beads are small enough where I can use them every other day.