Live Clear Acne Complex® Starter Kit


Ericka B.

This is the only product that really clears up my acne. I have oily skin and nothing really would help me. However, when I wear make up I haven't been breaking out nearly as much as I used to. Maybe if i stopped wearing makeup, my skin would clear up a lot more, but other than that I think this product does a lovely job.

Jacqlyn W.
I'm not sure about this.

I used this for about 6 months. The whole time I used it my face was dry and red. My acne didn't go away either. It left my face almost squeaky clean which shouldn't happen. Constantly buying this can also become pricey. It's better than Proactiv though quality wise.

Krystal C.

I bought this for my night time regimen and after 2 weeks I saw some improvement. I didn't have any break outs. If you put a lot of toner on your face, it does start to burn a bit. A lil can go a long way. I stop using it because I'm just being lazy lol but I will start back up.

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Emily S.
Saved my skin!

I have tried everything in the book, all drugstore brands, Proactiv, even prescriptions! Nothing worked for me until my mom suggested Murad. It took awhile to clear my skin up, but boy, has it made a difference! The price is very reasonable for the starter kit. You get enough product for 30 days, which is about the amount of time you should use something before you nix it. Definitely give it a try!

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Lauren C.

made my skin feel clear and clean..but i still had acne...the scent is fine, but the product itself dried out my skin..forcing me to use their moisturizer which made my skin oily...i wasnt happy :( and i was really sad cause everyone said how amazing it was..

Keisha T.
Loved It!

I have very sensitive skin, alot of face products make my skin dry and ichy. Was suggested to me by a Sephora rep, started with samples. Bought the Starter Kit, not having that problem with Murad. My family has noticed the difference in my skin. Sticking with Murad.

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Christina W.
Awesome Product!

I've been looking around for a face wash for awhile and was looking on the website and came across this. I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try. A week after using this product, my skin looked noticeably clearer. I've tried proactive in the past and that just dried out my skin. Murad is definitely a lot gentler and more effective, in my opinion. Everything in this set is sample size and I thought it was a great starter kit to begin with. Definitely buying the bigger size once I done w/ this set.

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