Luminous Hairspray


Kristen L.

This is one of my favorite hairsprays. I use it both as a light hold or even as a working spray with clients. Great manageability and beautiful shine. (And smells wonderful!)

Deborah B.

This is the best hairspray I have ever used. The hold is perfect. The shine is incredible. The smell is sensational. My daughter and I share everything and I found myself hiding it from her so she wouldn't use it :) The description - non sticky, weightless hold, ehances shine, leaves no residue - is spot on! I won't use another hair spray!

Michan M.

What I love about this hairspray is that it is so light and makes my hair look and feel touchable. It is not a very strong holding hairspray, but that's why I like it for everyday use. I really dislike it when I feel like my hair is coated with hairspray and this product gives just the right amount of shine and hold. And of course, as is true about the entire Moroccan Oil line, this spray smells amazing!

Stephanie K.

I really love this hairspray, it's great because it doesn't make the hair super stiff or immovable, it gives just the right amount of hold so that your hair still moves naturally when you do. And not to mention the smell is wonderful too!

Elizabeth W.
Doesnt give a lot

I use this hairspray at my salon, and while it does smell good, it doesn't give a lot of hold. Moroccan Oil has recently come out with a strong hair spray and it is way better, but it will still fall somewhat. It is great about not feeling like there is a lot of product in the hair, but it also comes along with there being barely any product in the hair. So if your stuck on Moroccan Oil hair spray use the strong.