Dry-No-More Scalp Treatment


Judith G.

I do a lot of bleach in my hair, almost every month and my scalp is itching every time. This product has solved my problem. I use it one time every two bleaches and my scalp is really better than it was before. I love it!

Susan D.
Healthy Hair

I have tried many products to make my hair not only look healthy but feel healthy and this product does it for me. Not greasy, puts a nice shine on the hair and also makes the hair more resilient.

Virtuousldy G.
Excellent product. Very good on my fine natural hair.

I highly recommend this product. Since I started using it, my fine natural hair has returned to it's previous naturally soft texture. I never wash my hair unless there's buildup; however just co-washing and using this product has truly rejuvenated my hair. I give it 5 stars.

Vé V.

this stuff saved my hair it was always dry and brittle i started using argan oil and i get my hair cut once a year i know there's a lot of products out there for hair treatment and iv done many of them this here was a miracle for me my hair is now long shiny and healthy

Jo N.

This summer I told my mom how my hair didn't dry fast enough and that it looked greasy when it dried. She gave me some of this and all of my problems were gone. I definitely recommend this product, and to this day I hardly ever get greasy, oily hair!