Light Oil Treatment


Jacqueline K.
The light oil does make a big difference with those of us with thinner hair

Way back when with the hot oil VO5, and the 3 minute miracle pre Moroccon Oil Days, we did not have these types of Leave In treatments, so I opted for the treatment process while washing and conditioning my hair, Then more and more they had leave in conditioners or detanglers is more like it with a different name, just a matter of preference, This however was not available when I started using Moroccan just regular version, It smells awesome, it gives you than natural sheen without weighing down, but you have to be super careful, as literally for below the shoulder length hair, at salons for example to cut or color it would be an additional charge.....but a dime size drop with your towel dried hair immediately detangles and smoothes, i never blow dry so I cannot comment on if it helps with straightening or blow drying your hair, If you use too much, it could give you a greasy look, At the price it is very discouraging, when the light came out I was very curious as what could possible be different, i use the same amount, and cannot explain it just works better for thinner hair, still smells great, still detangles, but i do not have to worry if a bit too much goes into my strands. I am curious to try the spray the glitz or gleem spray, but I do not want to weigh my hair down, I purchased "Crack" leave in treatment the day I purchased the light as price was close and the crack is a creme tube much larger, but even if I use the smallest amount it does not disperse as immediate as the Moroccan therefore forcing to have to use a brush or even a wide or thinner comb will cause breakage, which moroccan does not do, just rub a dime size between palms and work with fingers through towel dried hair and you are good to go, I do not know how anyone could be dissapproving of this product, I did purchase 100 percent organic Moroccan Oil from health food store, it smells god awful but it was not for my hair it was for my skin, it works good but smells so only a nighttime application only, Hope this helps......

Mona W.
Magic potion for your hair!

Apply this right after you towel dry your hair and watch it do its magic. It makes your hair incredibly soft, adds a nice shine, and tames out the frizz. It also speeds up the drying process.